Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm Back.....

I abandoned my poor little blog for a while there....I'll try to be better. Some wonderful old friends and roommates found me on facebook this week- sometimes that thing is wonderful. Can't wait to catch up with them. It was like getting christmas present in April! So, here's some things I've been working on over the winter, along with revamping my Etsy store (still in the process of that).

I got way into felting and knitting/crochet this winter. I've got a whole bin of yarn and about 8 unfinished projects going on. Here's some photos of the felting...

Working on some silver clay jewelry right now...they are in the kiln as I write this, so hopefully will have images soon. I've decided to try just selling jewelry for a while in my shop and keep it simple, instead of having paintings, prints, sculpture, etc....was feeling too jumbled and not really cohesive. It's nice having a platform to experiment with. And let me finish with the fact that most of the Etsy hacks stopped working with Etsy's site changes!!!! This is truly horrible. Those things were wonderful. I think some still work and the guy who does them is updating them to try and get them to work with the changes on the site....and all I can say is please! please! please!

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