Sunday, November 1, 2009

Eco-fi Fleece?

I am having the HARDEST time finding any of that fleece that is made from old plastic bottles!!! I would love to start making my pullovers with the stuff, but so far the manufacturer I found has no info on where you can get their product!...weird


  1. I know this is weird, buuut you could try to email trader joe's head quarters they use the same material the recycled plastic bottles to make their reusable bags. I can have my friends email too that work there, they must have some source!

  2. That seems to be the problem... you can buy the stuff if you buy in bulk- like a 1000 yards at a time of one color - but no where to buy smaller amounts. It seems that at least for now they only sell to "industry" type accounts - no retail for us little bumkins.