Monday, November 16, 2009

My hands are going on strike!

I haven't done much of anything lately besides making pullovers! Got into another show in December. It's so hard knowing how much to make for these things. At least I have a week between each one, in case I sell out of something, I can make more...You like that positive thinking! Or should I say WHEN I sell out of something. Trying to figure out credit card transactions, all the bits and pieces I'll have to pack for the day, and then the fact that 2 of the shows are outside - in late Nov.! Just bought to metal 2' x 8' grids to hang prints on for an upright display. They are a little too tall, but they were half the price of the other ones, so I'll be dremelling a foot or two off. Luckily they fit in the car- but they won't once everything is packed for the show - so off with their heads...

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