Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cobra my a*s

Sorry - no pretty pictures this time...I'm pissed...

Boy, you know, it would have been nice if I actually had received any kind of notice that the cobra subsidy ended last month.
I just had a doctor's appointment today (meaning I've "used" my insurance already this month)and came home and opened my insurance bill and it was 3 times what it had been. Like it wasn't bad enough that it got subsidized, but we didn't hear about it for 3 months, so when we were informed, we still owed for the 3 months we didn't know about, if we wanted to take the subsidy. (Hmmmm.......Maybe that's why not huge amounts of people took up the offer - who has hundreds of dollars laying around when you are unemployed - for 3 months of something you can't use - I used my meager savings thinking it was the "right" thing to do). So I paid out almost $500 for coverage I didn't know I had and was useless to me, just to get the subsidized rate... How much does that kick up the "subsidized" rate? It's kind of important to let people know about these things....oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, we live in the last first world yet socially third world country in this world.

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